Leah Cole in Peabody
Leah Cole, LPN:
Leah is a nurse, not a seasoned politician. As a young middle class taxpayer who believes citizens need to get involved. As State Representative, Leah supports policies to help the citizens of Peabody.
Leah Cole standing up to reduce taxes
Lower Taxes:
During the budget debate I supported an amendment to bring the state income tax back to 5%. Notice the closed caption!
Leah Cole with Maria Munar
On Memorial Day, I met Maria Munar, a WWII veteran who served in the Phillipines. We had some common ground as my grandfather served in same areas of the South Pacific during the same war. We should be taking care of our veterans.
Veterens in Peabody
Leah supported an amendment to require social security numbers to get public housing. This will help put an end to illegal immigrants from getting housing before our veterans. The Beacon Hill establishment just ruled it out of order.
Leah meeting the people of Peabody
Meeting Citizens:
Leah has been out meeting the citizens of Peabody to personally ask for their vote. LEAH NEEDS YOUR VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4th.
Leah meeting the people of Peabody
Leah is on the Elder Affairs and Healthcare financing committees. Leah is especially sensitive to healthcare policies and the issues affecting our senior citizens.
Leah meeting the people of Peabody
As State Representative:
Leah has worked tirelessly for the people of Peabody.

Thank you

PEABODY -- Today, Rep. Leah Cole (R-Peabody) announced her intention to resign her seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, effective September 28 - one week from today. Rep. Cole is resigning to focus on her nursing career. Having achieved a perfect attendance record for votes in the House, Rep. Cole is resigning to ensure the people of her district continue to have strong, undivided attention and representation in the future.

“As many people know, prior to being elected to the House of Representatives, I was working as a nurse full-time and continued to work as a nurse part-time after being elected. I decided to get involved in public service because I wanted to contribute to our state policies and invoke positive changes, but I never intended for politics to be a life-long career,” said Rep. Leah Cole.

Cole continued, “It has come to a point where I can no longer continue to be the State Representative, as well as pursue my passion of nursing. Though I am deeply grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve, given to me by the people of Peabody, I have come to the difficult decision to focus on my nursing career. It has been an honor to represent the people of Peabody for these past two years, and I have loved working in the Legislature to deliver on priorities for our district.”

Leah Cole, State Representative

State House image

Right on jobs

• Voted against last year's ill-fated tech tax which would have crippled the technology sector in Massachusetts, then met with business owners and chambers of commerce to work towards its successful repeal 90 days later.

• Endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

• Increases in taxes, fees and regulations can severely impact the often thin profit margin of small businesses. We need to help these job creators by getting government off their backs.

Leah Cole meeting voters in Peabody MA

right on taxes

• Understands that higher taxes and fees most directly and negatively impact middle class families and the working poor.

• Our state does not have a revenue problem-we have a spending problem! The state budget has increased by A BILLION dollars every year for the past 8 years, and taxes and fees are too often raised, even when departments like the Registry of Motor Vehicles rakes in $600 millions dollars per year- 6 times it's operating cost!

• Worked tirelessly to help collect over 120,000 signatures needed to get a ballot question to remove the link to inflation placed on the gas tax, so your gas tax won't go up every year without a vote.

• "I have kept my promise to fight against tax increases. I am opposed to bailing out Beacon Hill's waste and mismanagement of our tax dollars" -Rep. Leah Cole

please donate

Please consider contributing to the Campaign to Re-elect Leah Cole. If you would like to mail a contribution, it can be sent to:
Committee to Elect Leah Cole
369 Lynnfield Street
Peabody, MA 01960

The contribution limit is $500 per person, and corporate contributions are not allowed.

leah cole: right for peabody!

"My generation, along with future generations, will be unable to participate in the American Dream unless we get involved in the political process. Our current leaders continually increase our debt and steal our liberties."